Race Date - July 28, 2018

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Below you will find a summary of course section difficulty for each of the three races. Not sure which one to race? Compare and decide using our detailed section-by-section comparisons. This chart will guide you towards choosing the right race for your ability level. There is a lot of different single track out there to choose from, and here in Ishpeming and Negaunee, we have it all!! Check out one of our “Preview Rides” this spring too. Find them on FaceBook!

Red Earth Classic BEAST: 32 Miles

**Ride the BEAST solo or register to compete as a two-person relay.**

The 2015 Red Earth Classic Long race is becoming a talked-about staple in any racers “man-card” quiver. Going into year three, we have moved the start / finish venue to neighboring Negaunee’s Jackson Mine Park. This change allows us to really expand on some of the single track that is available and cut out the grueling hills that have occupied the last 11 miles of the course in the first two years.

Although the race remains 32 miles, the climbs are spaced out, there is about 500 feet less of climb in the race but riders will be challenged by everything we got here. The pros have spoken and they say that we have the hardest race and the most exhilarating racecourse of the season for many! We will not disappoint.

The new changes make this race a little more favorable for the good, technical single track racer and it will be far less taxing at the end of the race. The last seven miles are the easiest! Please come and join us this year as we build this great event!

Click here to see the 32 mile BEAST Race Section by Section Details

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Red Earth Classic LOADER: 20 Miles

The 2015 Red Earth Classic Short race is now completely dialed! After two years of feedback, recent venue changes and many, many rides with people of various skill levels we believe that we have a winner! The new short race has a ton of the same stuff from 2014, the biggest change, again, is that the final 5 miles is the easiest of the whole race.

Racers will not hit the hilly section at the finish like they have in the first two years. There is a lot of good single track in the race and we are utilizing three more “short-cuts” this year that we have not in the past. The race is still 20 miles and will have 1600 feet of ascent but it is very well spread out.


Click here to see the 20 mile LOADER Race Section by Section Details

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Red Earth Classic DOZER (Citizens Race): 12 Miles

The all new Red Earth Classic Citizen race is designed for the biking enthusiast that is in shape and likes to ride! With a nice roll-out followed by a climb to the top of the scenic Suicide Ski Jump, racers will see a ton of what Ishpeming and Negaunee has to offer. The flowy ski trails of Hill Street and a few quick single track bring riders into a cool, sweeping finish right at the 12 mile mark back to Jackson Mine Park.

This race is designed for advanced youth riders and anyone who may have trouble with some of the single track in the short race. We suggest coming to pre-ride the short race and decide at that point if you would like to move down to the citizens race.


Click here to see the 12 mile DOZER Race Section by Section Details

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Junior Classic 3 & 5 Mile Races

This year’s Junior Classic will offer your choice of either a one lap or two lap race. The rollout down the heritage trail is about 1/2 mile before jumping onto Jackie’s Favorite trail and back around to the finish. You can decide when you get there if you would like to have your child do the two laps or just one.

The one lap is 2.8 miles and the two lap is 5.1 miles. This is a fun roll course with about half of it being single track. The single track is wide and easy with one quick steeper climb that is only 12 feet long but may challenge your child depending on skill level forcing them to push up the hill. Other than that, it is a great ride! Join us on Tuesday nights with our YMBDP of Ishpeming and Negaunee in June to pre-ride!

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