Race Date - July 28, 2018

Team Invitational

The Red Earth Classic is proud to present the first annual Mid West Mountain Bike Team Invitational! This year’s Red Earth Classic Long race is set to be the proving ground for the sport of mountain biking and team dominance. Any cycling team is invited to participate.

The format for this category is pretty simple. All you need is 5 or more racers from the same team to compete in the long race to qualify. Each teams top 5 times will be totaled and the lowest combined 5 times wins the invitational. The winning team will receive a frame for their jersey highlighting the team members, individual and combined times, a race picture and $50.00 to cover the cost of the jersey!


Teams Registered:

Ace Hardware Team
Broken Spoke Team
Sisu Cycles / Dan Perkins Racing Team
Cannonade Midwest Racing